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Hydrogen water Purifier

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  • MaterialBody- ABS Electrode-Titanium with platinium coated
  • Size385 * 278 * 358 mm
  • Weight5 kg

[Grentech Co., Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Characteristics of Hydrogen Water Purifier 


1. Generating  Hydrogen(600~1200ppb/high density) & Alkali Water by 3 plates of platinum electrode . 


2.  Constant(250ml) cup of water falls limits /  Holding much water in the big size cooking  container by faucet


3. 4 step filteration


4. Filter exchange alarm(12 months)


5. Cleanig electrode automatically 


6. Refined and compacted design / Hydrogen Bubble Display Window
                                                  (Patent Registration)


 Effects of Hydrogen Water Purifier 

  600~1,000ppb of Hydrogen water has rich minerals and keeps neutral or week alkali as a high density hydrogen water. Accordingly, even drinking too much has no side effect differently from strong alkali water. 
  Hydrogen water is strong anti-oxidant water reducing the active oxygen inside the human body very quickly although you drink one cup or two cups of hydrogen water.


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Hydrogen water Purifier

Hydrogen water Purifier

Hydrogen water Purifier

Hydrogen water Purifier